Sell our locally-produced, hand-crafted dark or milk chocolate bars, and treats in your store. Our products make an excellent addition to your offerings and your customers will love it.


We have special products for wineries. Your customers may not want a whole bar while enjoying wine. You may want smaller pieces to use at pairing events. We customize your order with smaller size packages and designs to suit your brand.


Gifts for clients and customers are always appreciated and improve branding and loyalty. Gifts that are unique and locally crafted sets the giver apart from the crowd and demonstrates their commitment to customer service. Perfect for realtors and other gift-giving professionals.

Your Brand

Your Brand Our Chocolate

Our boutique size and service allows us the agility to create branded products to best represent your business. We can include stickers with your logo, or your business card on our packaging.

Coming soon...edible ink printer to create your brand directly on the chocolate.

Shall We Partner?

We love to join our strategic partners in putting on events such as wine and chocolate pairing, spa days, and product launch parties. We bring the chocolate, treats, and knowhow to help you throw a fabulous event.

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Next Steps...

If you're a business owner and can see a place for quality chocolate in your plan, please reach out and let's discuss