We Are Direct Trade

We received our first order of high quality cacao beans from our Direct Trade partner in Ecuador, Royal Cacao. These beans are a thing of beauty to behold! Before becoming a professional chocolate maker, I would’ve been hard pressed to tell the difference between these beans and average beans on the market.  Now I can see plainly the plumpness, clean skins, and no deformities of this superior product. I’m so confident in the purity of these beans, I’ve eliminated the first step in the chocolate making process…sorting. With our previous cacao orders, stems, flat beans, and weird bits were included in the bag and needed to be removed prior to roasting. None of that here.

The beans are heirloom Valle Hermosa, certified Arriba from Ecuador. 

Roasting, cracking, and winnowing has begun, leaving the glorious nuggets that turn into pure chocolate. Now we start the juicing, counting, and tempering to make 60, 70, 90%, sugar-free, and milk chocolate bars.

The cacao beans from Royal Cacao are superior, but what’s as good as producing this amazing chocolate is contributing to ethical trade and a fair wage for producers.